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BDO anniversary book wins industry award

The BDO book produced by the IEO to mark the 50th anniversary of the network has been awarded a gold class award by the League of American Communications Professionals in the 2013/14 Spotlight Awards. Placing alongside entries from Bentley Motors, Volkswagen Group and BMW, the BDO book achieved an overall score of 98 / 100 and was classified as 'being among the best communication materials of 2013/14.' The judges found the work 'to be outstanding' with 'exceptional visual design' and a 'level of creativity that is outstanding'. The book was also commended for 'connecting with the right people and delivering a persuasive message'.

The full award assessment from the competition judges is as follows: This years entry for BDO International Network, 1963-2013. The leader for exceptional client service, proves to be remarkable in light of tremendous competition, said Christine Kennedy, LACP Managing Director. Approximately 1,500 entries were received for the 2013/14 Spotlight Awards, comprising submissions from a dozen countries and 300 entities.

Overall, we find this work to be outstanding, earning a total score of 98 out of a maximum 100 points. With this strong performance, 1963-2013. The leader for exceptional client service has been recognized with a Gold Award within its competition class.

The first impression presented by this entry is exceptional while the narrative is outstanding. The visual design presented by 1963-2013. The leader for exceptional client service is exceptional, tied with a level of creativity that is outstanding.

Our belief is that the target audience will find the level of relevance and clarity to be exceptional and exceptional, respectively, demonstrating the success of this project in connecting with the right people and delivering a highly applicable and persuasive message.

In summary, we congratulate the entire team at BDO International Network and HOFFMANN UND CAMPE Corporate Publishing involved for this years work. We classify this entry as being among the best communications materials of 2013/14.

THE LEADER FOR EXCEPTIONAL CLIENT SERVICE is a glossy, fact-filled commemorative book that defines and brings to life our vision and celebrates our history through selected highlights, interviews and success stories. Depicting the diversity of our client engagements around the world, these case studies from countries as far apart as Jamaica to New Zealand, Kazakhstan to USA, clearly show how our network brings benefits to our clients. It also features a round table discussion between the BDO Global Board members on the future of audit and an in-depth look at the regulatory environment all our professionals are working in.

An interactive pdf of the book is available here.

About the LACP and The Spotlight Awards:

The League of American Communications Professionals LLC (LACP) was established in 2001 in order to create a forum within the public relations industry that facilitates discussion of best-in-class practices within the profession while also recognising those who demonstrate exemplary communications capabilities. Further details are available on their website.

The Spotlight Awards are annually awarded by the league in recognition of best communication media worldwide. The 2013/14 Spotlight Awards Global Communications Competition drew one of the largest number of submissions ever, representing a broad range of industries and organisational sizes. More than 800 entries were received, so competition was exceptionally tough. Materials were judged in peer-level competitions, which are available for review on the competition site.

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