BDO history

BDO is the largest world network of trans-national audit and consulting organizations that aims to promote the clients’ business development by offering current services in audit, financial accounting, taxation, financial management and information technologies.

BDO is an international brand which ownerships belong to the company Stichting BDO.

Entrepreneurial specialists
BDO  is one of the leading multinational accounting and consulting organizations. We are a worldwide network of professional firms serving global and national businesses and lead the market in advising growth oriented, owner-managed businesses. We are the only major business advisory organization that specializes in entrepreneurial businesses, regardless of size or age.

Personal, professional service
BDO combines international expertise with the best available local business and advisory services. Our special skills lie in combining local knowledge and experience with an understanding of the international context. This ensures a common worldwide approach and focus, and a service that is second to none.

Global vision with a local emphasis
BDO is well-known for its close involvement with its clients, and is committed to total client service. You can find BDO on every continent and in all economically important part of the world. Every BDO Member Firm being a member of the BDO network is a guarantee of a constantly high quality. We take pride in our client's successes, and we do not shy away from committing to meet their individual needs. We work hard to understand their businesses and take an active role in helping them to succeed. Our reputation derives from consistently offering imaginative and objective advice.

What does the BDO stand for?
BDO is an abbreviation that comprises the first surname letters of the company’s founders, Binder Dijker Otte & Co, established in 1963.

- is the first letter of Mr. Binder Hamlyn’s name, whose company in Great Britain was named Binder Hamlyn & Co.
- is the first letter of Professor Dijker, founder of the Dijker en Doornbos Company in the Netherlands.
О - is the first letter of Mr. Otte Hans-Heinrich, who was one of the founders of DWT Company in Germany.

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